Tuesday, 1 November 2011

{NaBloPoMo #1} Writing is Comfort

What is your favourite part about writing?

There's so much about writing that not only comforts me, but it also feels really liberating and stress-relieving. In fact, I'm trying my hardest to evade what the rest of the night's plans, which include tears of frustration, ripping out hair, and then crawling under the covers to lament on how incredibly unproductive my day was. Of course, I could always just write about it, which actually saves me from looking like a puffy-eyed monster the next day with bald spots and what not. I just simply love to write, there's no doubt about it.

My favourite part about writing is pretty much the conventional answer: I write to express myself. Whether it be a blog post, a short story, my NaNo venture, a journal entry, or even an essay, I love the ability to freely express myself creatively through words. There's just this sense of comfort I get from it that makes me feel totally at ease with myself. I suppose that's why I'm always so apprehensive about sharing my writing with others, because I feel very self-conscious. If they start to critique it, then I feel as if they're critiquing my sense of creativity. Understandable, however, if it were an essay or something formally written, which I do look for. Nonetheless, I always worry about what other people think, and it takes away from the spirit of writing - at least in my opinion.

NaBloPoMo 2011


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