Sunday, 9 October 2011

Piercings + Tattoos = Family Bonding?

This is a topic I always talk about and I'm sure whenever the topic does come up in coversation with some friends, they're probably tored of hearing the same thing over and over again from me. Concerning piercings, I don't much care for any other piercings on the body aside from the ears. Even on my ears, I'd rather stick to just piercing the lobes and regular helix piercings. Nonetheless, they're actually quite addcting - getting them pierced, that is.

I remember back in Grade 6, when I went with my Mom to Claire's to get my secind pair done. I then told myself (and my Mom) that four was enough. Of course, I managed to stand by that statement, until Grade 9. We were at Pacific Mall (not very smart of me) and so I decided to get my fifth piercing done. After that, I was telling myself that five was okay, no big deal. And sure enough, I made up the excuse that I wanted to even out the number of piercings on each ear, and so I got my sixth piercing done in Grade 10. At this point, I didn't even say that I didn't want anymore because I was pretty keen on getting my cartilage done, which is exactly what I did in April of this year. Now, it's October and just a couple of weeks ago, I got my second cartilage piercing on the same ear as my initial one. I now have a grand total of eight piercings, all on my ears. I've decided that I will really stop once I get my ninth piercing. I really hope I stand by that promise for good.

Now on to tattoos. I never really considered getting a tattoo until my Grandparents passed away in January and May 2010 respectively. Now I'm keen on getting one - a memorial tattoo. My Mom hates tattoos but my Dad doesn't seem to mind. After much coaxing (and constant nagging) I managed to get my Mom to agree...sort of. She said that she still and never will like tattoos, hence it'll be me who'll have to pay for it. I took it as a "yes" and so I plan on getting this tattoo after graduation, as a graduation present to myself for myself.

Speaking of piercings and tattoos, I had the pleasure of talking to my cousin on Skype yesterday. I had to interview her for my Writer's Craft unit, and we ended up talking for much longer. One of the topics went to tattoos and piercings and we were talking about each getting another one. It was then that we said that "we should totally get them done together!" Of course, this meant that our family would need to plan another reunion, something that we all have been wanting for a long time but never really got around to actually doing. Money is always a big factor and it's tricky to coordinate everyone's schedule to match up. It's ridiculous because it shouldn't be so hard to see one's family, right?


I'm a little bitter about it, but what can I do?

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