Thursday, 22 September 2011

I Suppose An Intro's In Order

I've read and re-read the entire Harry Potter series more times than I can count, so I guess it's only natural that Jo Rowling's essence becomes present in my own writing. Nonetheless, I'm still trying to hone my own skills as a writer (Skills? What skills?) so I suppose that it's best that I experiment along the way.

Though a description by anyone else would be different, this blog is not entirely personal - at least not to the extent where I would share the current whereabouts of the large amount of cash I've acquired. Whether or not you choose to believe that is up to your discretion, of course. Mind you, I'm still in high school, I'm unemployed, I rely on family bingo night for a source of income, and my Mom still tells me to clean my room and pick up my underwear from the floor. I am also an avid Harry Potter fan (read above), I love books in general, I love to write, I have a great appreciation for music (Though sadly, I have no musical talent), and I have an unexplainable love for cardigans.

I'm quite simple and I like simple things. I'm as insecure as anybody else and I have my fair share of problems. But life goes on, and this is probably my most bi-polar introduction ever written.

Good day to you.

-- KV

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